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Halfspeak Forthwith

Halfspeak Forthwiths and Titbits The completion of the 2nd album. And also in VINYL for you true audiophiles. And less soonly forthwith, an ALBUM PARTY announcement. Give us a kiss, Love!! The day is approaching…

Welcome, Halfspeak!!

Fur Machine wants to congratulate Halfspeak on joining the family!! Adam, Chris and Michael Kuper (three brothers!!) are an amazing trio bringing smart grooves and fun twists to snappy grunge rock. Look for updates / follow the progress on Facebook or YouTube.

Bass Player Jokes

What do you throw a drowning bass player? …his amp! What’s the difference between a bass player and large pizza? The Pizza can feed a family of four. What’s the difference between a vacuum player and a bassist? The vacuum has to be plugged in to suck. I never got[…]


5 Things I Love About Music

5. It doesn’t have to be good to be great. 4. I don’t have to identify my feelings to enjoy it. 3. It’s the one area where chicks can easily kick as much ass as a man. 2. It’s the real nobodies that normally kick the most ass. 1. Music’s[…]