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These Bad Boys of Rock are currently finishing up their latest album.

Expected iTunes availability – June/July 17′

The songs, recordings, lyrics, mixes are of amazing depth and beauty. If you know someone that doesn’t like loud rock guitars this may well sway them. Beautiful, fun, deep, and moving material right here.

There will be vinyl.


Halfspeak is a brother trio consisting of Chris, Mike, and Adam. Rock, with tight turns and sometimes searing sometimes dramatic tempo and texture changes make Halfspeak a captivating and elusive live show. The ethos of the band is squarely rooted in the 90’s but the sonic palette is spanking new. It’s feel good rock and roll and the slow jams are both techy and organic as a Brooklyn kale farmer. As Chris says “Playing with my brothers is such an organic experience. We have all shared so much life together, and it shows in our ability to connect and riff off each other.”